Sheryl Underwood Disses Natural Hair On ‘The Talk’ [VIDEO]

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    Are you surprised by Sheryl Underwood‘s recent negative comments towards natural hair? Or “nappy” as she so affectionately called it. The internet is currently in an uproar with loads of blogs producing more than 140 characters of their opinion. So it’s only natural (pun intended) that I add mine as well.

    Here’s the basics:

    On a recent episode of “The Talk” (watch the clip above) as they discussed Heidi Klum saving her young mixed children’s hair, Sheryl joked and was welcomed with hearty laughs after questioning, ”Why would you save Afro hair?”

    Here’s why everyone is upset:

    Her response to Heidi Klum may be slightly warranted. I mean, the bigger question I have to the former Victoria Secret model and “Project Runway” host is why are you saving your children’s hair. Talk about sentimental.

    But no one told Sheryl that we are in the middle of a natural hair revolution. Like, it’s officially a thing that’s equipped with hair nazis and all. For her to say that she has never heard of a woman in a hair salon asking for that “curly, nappy, beady” hair is just the untruth. Weaves come that way now!

    But wait, it gets worst.

    When co-host Sarah Gilbert chimed in, saying that she, too, sometimes saves her children’s hair, and Sheryl interrupted jokingly saying that it was “probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff.”

    Based on our twitter feed I have a feeling that the postal guy is delivering a few letters of hate mail to the CBS studios to Sheryl’s attention. She’d like to think that we’re all “tripping”. Meanwhile little black girls all around the world are wishing for the long silky stuff.

    Sheryl comments are a bit  is jarring to hear especially on national TV. What are your thoughts? Just jokes, or did she put her foot in her mouth this go around?


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